I have been doing a bit of home practice, but I still feel I need guidance.

I have tried quite a few teachers in my area… I am just not ‘gelling’ with any the way I would like to.  They all have something to offer which will probably see me attending classes here and there but no one I would like to join weekly, like I did with Dave.

So…  after MUCH searching and deliberation, I have decided to join One0Eight!!!

I have been following Rachel (@yogagirl) long before she was an Instagram sensation… and I love everything about her and what she stands for.

I am so excited…  Today, amongst a few, I have WATCHED her ‘back’ therapy class.  I NEED IT!

OMG yes…  read about it here…  or not!

Cant wait to be fine and to roll my mat out with One0Eight.

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