In January 2018 I started the British Wheel of Yoga Foundation 1 course.

I want to learn more about yoga, from alignment and fitness in body, to the mental health benefits and the simple spirituality.  To be honest, the anatomy and science behind it fascinates me too and I am drawn to learning more about the history and physics of yoga practice.

I have been doing yoga intermittently for over 20 years, have loved it and at times, I have loathed it too…  but I keep coming back to it.

Without yoga practice in my life I feel a bit lost (and achy – I am old yunno 😉 )

I am hoping to gain the knowledge to be able to practice alone and perhaps one day lead a class.

At the moment, I try to fit yoga in when I can… The challenge for me, is to make time for my yoga practice.

I have to keep a journal as part of my year long course…  this is it… would love to have you keep me company along the way x



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