Tahh daahhh!


BWY Foundations 1 Completed!!!

A year ago I signed up for the British Wheel of Yoga Foundations 1 course.

At the time, I was arrogant enough to think I would be teaching now.  🙂  

Oh how things change!  I have decided that I will not go into teaching yoga but will continue to study!

The Foundations1 does not qualify you as a teacher.  What it does, is introduces you to YOGA…  From the BWY web page…

Foundations1 is designed to explore yoga in more depth. It includes practical and theoretical work on the eight limbs of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras Chapter 2 e.g. asana, pranayama, concentration and meditation. As well as the history, different paths and schools of yoga.
This course is intended for students who would like to develop their knowledge of yoga further as well as for those wanting to train as teachers as it provides them with a good introduction to our Certificate and Diploma teaching courses.


This course has really being life changing for me, in more ways than can I express here on my blog.

I have learnt SO MUCH more than I ever expected to and have enjoyed it more and more as the course progressed.

I now have to really try to get back to Chesterfield often for Dave’s classes, hone practice more, now that I have the ‘tools’ and keep learning… nurturing my practice.

Some pics… and the certificate 🙂


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