Week 8 BWY Foundation Course

I am not quite sure what to write… but I feel compelled to write something about yesterday.

I don’t even know where to start.  My head feels all over the place.

I went into this course hoping to come out, fitter, more flexible and with the tools to home practice confidently.  The first few lessons had me like WTF?  Whyyyyyyy do I need all this spiritual sh*t?  (I am so ashamed)

After yesterday… I am like BRING IT ALL ON!

So much more is making sense, to the point where I feel like I will forever be a student in my quest for knowledge.

The physics of it all totally blows my mind.

I don’t know how to put it all down in words, I kinda feel totally out of my depth here… but hopefully this link will help you visualise where I am with this!


Yesterday we did a physical practice (twice), taking us to a heightened level of stress (boy did I sweat) and then a cool down/relaxation.  I slept… that was not the aim… so yah… I need to work on that…  They aim was to relieve the ‘stress’ and feel energised as a result.

My mind is boggled…  I am taking some reading material with me on holiday and hopefully will UN-boggle my mind and have a better understanding of what I learnt yesterday!

All i can say is that it has rendered me with an insatiable quest for more!


More reading:




and oh SO much more!!!


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