Yoga Course (Week 7) & Growth!

I am LOVING this course!

I have learnt SO much!

I had a really bad back this last week (three weeks actually), so sat out of any practice on the day… but I did take LOADS of notes…

My journal is looking good…  I am going to keep it with me for a while I think.

There is a LOT… and I mean a LOT to get my head around… It’s all quite spiritual and doing this course had made me realise what Yoga really is all about.

It’s not about wearing the funkiest leggings…  it’s not about the most ‘green’ mat… its not about that Om tattoo and perfect posed beach pics and it most certainly is not about how flexible one is.

What is it about?

To me?  well… it will take a lot more than I am sure you want to read about in this blog…

But it has changed me I think…

Changed my perception of everything… life… about yoga and it most certainly has opened my eyes, heart and soul to a new, more accepting way of living.

As Dave says…  DITCH THE EGO!   It’s not about touching your toes… it’s about ‘the journey down’…  oh… and many… many other little mindful and awareness truths.

My back is so much better now…  I did a few really relaxing stretches last night…  I like this that i found on …  and did work with it, skipping poses 13/14&15 for now as I think those are my ‘problem’ poses… I need to find ‘softer’ options.


Back to the course… so, I have never been a particularly spiritual or religious person… Having had a convent upbringing (yes me) and being quite rebellious and spirited, I have spent a lot of my life making sure no one tries to put me ‘in a box’ or tries to make me ‘tow THEIR line’!

I used to take great pleasure in freaking the nuns out 😉 (sorry sisters)

I have previously been unpopular for voicing my opinions (however, I do not think I am opinionated).

I do not tolerate bullying of any form and WILL stand up to bullies.

I will not be dictated to… don’t tell me what to do… but… if you ASK me to do you a favour, it will be my pleasure if I am able to help you… and I will do so to the very best of my ability.

I will ‘settle’ with something to keep peace but I will make it known that I am doing it for that reason and that reason alone and then walk away.

I have zero patience… and know that is not a great trait.

So the whole ‘spiritual’ aspect of the course worried me when we began.  I just wanted to DO YOGA!

(gosh can’t even believe I am admitting to all this! )  😦

HOWEVER... as we get deeper into the course, so much is starting to resonate with me. So many simple… little things can not only enrich ones life, but enrich the lives of those around you.  All you gotta  do is to take the time to be mindful.

I have found so much peace in taking a step back.

B R E A T H I N G!!!  NOT stressing the small stuff!

DITCHING the ego!

AND as a result…

I am finding patience!

I am growing… and you know what… I am starting to LIKE me…  I am SO much more chilled about stuff.

I am smiling more…  I am enjoying little things so much more now and I am appreciating every little gesture.  I am not running around like a headless chicken on speed…

I think I have just sort of… stopped trying to be this super-woman… stopped the control freakery!

I just ‘am’…

Namaste has REAL meaning now!

Some quick pics of how my journal is looking…





3 thoughts on “Yoga Course (Week 7) & Growth!”

  1. I’m back with my old yoga instructor and loving it again. I’m booked into a three hour chakra workshop and sound bath next Saturday. The Management thinks it’s all hippy bo**ocks but I’ll go with an open mind and a new yoga mat 😃.
    You certainly seem to be discovering lots about yourself on this course. All good too.


    1. That sounds fab Kim!!!! 🤣 but is your new yoga matt of the ‘conscious’ kind? (bo**ocks) 😂🤣😂
      We did a chakra session with the various chants… it was ummm amazing? I now listen to the monks chanting the lam/bam etc and really love it!
      I think yes… I am discovering just how afraid I have been to let go a little… to chill… to not have to control EVERY thing etc… it’s been good for me to learn to ‘give’ a little slack sometimes for things not having to be bloody perfect all of the time… so yeah learning a lot!!! Xxx
      Can’t wait to hear all about your workshop!!!

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