to frog & to die?

HA!  another scorcher of a day…

House to myself…  HiFi and mega speakers linked to my Spotify…

NO neighbours close enough piss off…

Yoga matt out…

Another home P R A C T I C E !…  (don’t faint)

This time Impi decided to join me…


I started to do my own thing… but then clicked onto Esthers 45 minute Hip Opening session

OUGH!  WTF is with FROG POSE??  Esther suggests pillows under the knees so that your legs freely move… 😳

I will leave it at…  just OUCH


WTF is Mom doing???







Cover Image



2 thoughts on “to frog & to die?”

  1. Yoga with cats….. the best. When I used to have a cat she’d always lay on my mat or underneath me during poses, in her own surprising yoga-like positions.


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