when it just works…

I do like to make sure I get some sort of workout done on a Monday… It always seems to set the week up in a really good way,

I decided to go through to Holymoorside last night for one of Dave’s classes.  One, to catch up on last weeks class and two…  I am away Wed/Thurs this week with work.

Holymoorside is 23 miles from home…  I could go 3 miles down the road to the gym, but last weeks class at the gym just made me sad.  Yoga is not a about ego… you have to leave ego at the door, sadly, some teachers lose ‘the way’.

So, over an hour again in fraught traffic, but I put my music on and gave myself an hour and forty-five minutes to get there.  I got there with 30 minutes to spare, which I used to read my book and still my mind.

I am reading The Bees and can’t find enough time to read… totally enthralled with this read, so this was just what I needed.


Had the most fabulous class…  First time I had been to the Holymoorside class, the hall is not a special as my usual practice place… but the class was REALLY good.

Hips, hamstrings, quads, twists and balances…  I don’t normally like the ‘twist’ poses, but last night, they were working…  balancing seems to be a challenge at the moment… something I need to work on.

I think I may make a Monday night my yoga ‘class’ night…  got home REALLY relaxed and happy… #result

Sunday is Day 6 of BWY Yoga foundations Course1… looking forward to that!


PS… read the book… would love to know what you think… if you have read it, let me know x

5 thoughts on “when it just works…”

  1. I’m missing yoga. Haven’t done it for awhile*sigh. On vacation this week & might have to sneak some in. Will look for that book… check out, “How Hard Can it Be?”-Alison Pearson. It’s a LOL cause most of it’s real if your a woman over 40!

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    1. Ooh sounds good! I miss Yoga when I don’t do it but it’s the ONE thing I haven’t figured out how to make a regular home practice a priority! Enjoy your hols x

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