I really do not relish driving 25 miles in rush hour traffic to Chesterfield for yoga class.  It is only once a week, but to take over and hour and half to get there just doesn’t inspire me.  Thing is… I REALLY LOVE Dave’s classes, he only teaches in Chesterfield, I do not live there anymore #sad.

I have been going to random classes in and around my new town and have yet to find someone, who’s class, I gel with.

I most certainly need a scheduled class, pay for it and be accountable for it.   I have proven to myself that I just don’t home practice… the intention is there, but something always comes up and yoga gets put aside.  I NEED to make this a priority!

HOW do I MAKE this happen?

Last night, I almost walked out of the class I decided to try out at my gym.

I will not be going back next Tuesday,

I was quite sad when I got home…  I really was hoping this was going to be my new Tuesday yoga slot…

Moving on… I had little sleep last night wondering about maybe getting my work colleagues together at lunchtime on a Tuesday for a quick one hour led practice…  they have been asking if I would…  they would jump at the opportunity.

I haven’t got the confidence yet, but I am beginning to seriously start thinking about it.

That, or…  get used to the fact that one day a week of really crap rush hour traffic is what I have to do to get what I want.




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  1. It would be wonderful if you had that at the office. If you do not yet want to lead the class, can you maybe find someone to come to teach there? I know loads of companies in Ireland get yoga instructures to come to them …

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