Foundation Day 5

After the last BWY Foundation Day, day 4… I was left feeling unsure about how I felt about taking part in all of this.  I struggled to find the motivation to go yesterday.

I battle with being told to do things that I am not 100% comfortable with and… chanting is one of those.  Luckily Dave gets it and we are all full aware that we do not have to partake is anything that we may feel uncomfortable with.

Anyhow, the first chanting we did was in week one, the Om… I didn’t like it, I didn’t like the vibration, I got totally freaked out by it.  Every particle of your being vibrates and yah… I just felt like running away.

Next time was the Lam, Bam etc, the Chakra chanting…  hmmm… so NOT into that… I carefully withdrew.  Sorry Dave 🙂

Yesterday, Dave played us a YouTube soundtrack, I am not 100% sure it was this

I have now bookmarked so many trying to find it.

Anyhow, long story short.  FRIKKEN WOW!

Sat on my bolster in lotus, eyes closed… listening to what he was playing… Monks chanting…  It was an incredible experience.

I don’t really know how to explain it.  I NEVER thought I would get to a ‘place’ like that.  Never…  Meditated ONCE before and was so freaked out that I have shied away from trying again.

That time, a LONG time ago… I was so ‘far way’ that only my subconsciousness and desperate need for a breath is what brought me out of it.

So.. Yah… no idea how to explain it.  Totally blew my mind yesterday.  In a really good way!  I think I might actually, slowly, be cutting the control freak in me, some slack… 👍🏻

Tonight I plan to home practice, take my mat up to the bedroom and just see what happens.  Listen to the monks, practice or mediate… not sure yet.  Had a busy day again, so may just sit and listen.

In Class yesterday we explored Niyama and prepped for back-bends.

We were introduced to Kriyas (omg thank god Dave is Dave – we just left it there really) click the link to read about it… don’t vom!

What we did do was Trataka.  We used battery operated candles and just for around 10 minutes…  but it is quite profound really!  Enjoyed that!

Then we went into back bends.  Now, I quite like back-bends in my practice, I love that heart opening feeling, unlike twists, I HATE twists… and then we did a series of breathing techniques and the most amazing relaxation/mediation session to end.

The BEST day so far… absolutely LOVED it and am totally back on track and excited about my yoga ‘journey’ (urgh hate that word really)… my yoga PRACTICE!

So, I was totally not into the whole spiritual twist this course was taking, however, it is slowly making sense now and I am starting to really ‘get’ this all and really enjoying it.

I can feel a little change in me… for the absolute good… and a wave of contentment seems to be engulfing me somewhat… that can only be good, given the stress etc of the last few months.

Excited for more…


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2 thoughts on “Foundation Day 5”

  1. I think the whole spiritual practice is about letting go – letting go of the fear of letting go and accepting what remains. It isn’t natural but it is very strengthening! I find that it helps me to stay calm – I’m a different ( I hesitate to say better – but I like myself more) person when I meditate compared to when I don’t! Give it a try!


    1. Hmmm that’s basically what my blog is about… I’m slowly letting go and embracing it… i am not afraid of it like I was… I am feeling the change… and yes I like it x

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