my love/hate relationship with yoga…i

Is it just me…

ahhhΒ that again… Β but seriously… can one REALLY just LOVE yoga like all of the time?

My practice is so not consistent! Β One day I LOVE my practice even though I didn’t really feel like it… then, I’m really up for it and go hating it, struggle and sigh through an hour of half of my mind repeating #wtfamidoingheretoday…. Β (yip, with the #!) πŸ˜‰ Continue reading “my love/hate relationship with yoga…i”

Foundation Day 5

After the last BWY Foundation Day, day 4… I was left feeling unsure about how I felt about taking part in all of this. Β I struggled to find the motivation to go yesterday.

I battle with being told to do things that I am not 100% comfortable with and… chanting is one of those. Β Luckily Dave gets it and we are all full aware that we do not have to partake is anything that we may feel uncomfortable with.

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