When PMA is very hard to find……

I have had a very difficult last week and a bit.

Losing a part of ones soul that was filled with the littlest of furry heartbeat love has truly seen me at the fathomless depths of sadness.

I have been here before, loosing my Dad, losing two German Shepard dogs, but nothing could have prepared me for the loss of little Bundi.  Is it because she is missing?  There is no closure… what if she just walks in the back door… what if she is high up in a tree somewhere…  is that her miauw?  Did SHE eat that food i put out?

It’s that not knowing… the what if…Light reading amongst my little Buddhist collection of missives and things has helped keep my mind simple and clear.

I have found it very hard to stay positive when PMA IS MY thing…  and you know what… its life… its knowing when to let it go though…

Todays #WriteItDownWednesday is to keep reminding me…

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A bit of quiet time to just try and still my mind (I actualy found myself saying a prayer), a little bit of passive stretching, practicing my vinyasas and a whole lot of deep breathing… has really helped me this week…

Yoga class with Dave tomorrow… NEED IT!

I need to focus on what is still with me and treasure it all.

5 thoughts on “When PMA is very hard to find……”

  1. So sorry! Have you been back to your old house? Sometimes cats do that? Currently I’m reading Pema chodron.she says being positive when you don’t feel it isn’t necessary. Better to lean into the pain, accept, be with it and then let it go. A bit like yoga! My old hips struggle with some of the basic poses!

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  2. I still feel for your losss(es). Grief is often cumulative and reactions are sometimes stronger than we feel they should be based on the weight or losses of the past. Grief is an ever moving ocean wave 🌊…..sometimes your on the upside of the wave and coping fine. Then the wave shifts and your cresting to the down slide. The size of the wave is often unpredictable 💔💙.

    Wishing for you to have calm waters….Dawn


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