Life is not always easy…

Where has the time gone.

Busy with a home move has seen my attention to my yoga practice somewhat dwindle.

Yesterday I updated my journal and normal practice has resumed.

Last Thursday I went through to a class with Dave.  I basically DIED on my mat.

I fucking HATE twists…  is that a very UNyogic thing to say?  


FuckIt!   Who cares…

I cursed the whole way through and did question WTF I was doing there and not out on a trail somewhere with a cold beer waiting for me when I got home.  Somedays are like that!

I had the beer anyhow when I got home! 🙂

Last night I had to deal with ‘quiet’ time… not something I relish when I have stuff (link here) on my mind.

I managed it…  No tears, no ‘dwelling’… only focus on each and every breath and movement into and out of the various poses and sequences.

I heard NOTHING Dave spoke about in Savasana, I snored slept!  best ten minutes of my life in the last week!

I had a good class!


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