Home practice has not happened.  I have spent the last two weeks organising and packing.  Our house sold, we are moving on Saturday to our new house.

Today my post-it-note is a reminder to myself that, the way we react to situations…  we have the ability to change the situation and the outcome.


I started to panic… Life was starting to get fraught with confrontations about who was doing what, dates, boxes, just everything…

My husband is so laid back and chilled, I reckon if he was ice, he’d be frikken Antarctica!

So… for the last two weeks I just decided to breathe, do what I can.  In the calm, I have found that I am more productive, I have found a little bit of ‘structure’.  I can breathe and I haven’t seen it as a chore, more a little bit of a cleanse really.

Discarding or donating everything that is no longer useful to me.

This little beauty has helped.  Go get it.  🙂  One of the most delightful reads… read it in one sitting 🙂


I have only done yoga ONCE in the last two weeks… I can feel it…

Last Thursday I had the best class with Dave and I am very much looking forward to my ME TIME tomorrow night again.


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