a cuppa tea and yoga…

Time to be basic…  I have had a rough few weeks…

Another two teenage boys ‘close to home’ have passed away.  Yesterday I took my kid to his friend Kieran’s funeral.  It was one of the hardest, saddest things I have done.  My heart is broken seeing my kids heart broken. They have grown up together… Had sleep overs, played football, cricket, built lego… now he is gone.

I have to do this again in a few weeks! Another young, vibrant 17-year-old life…  just gone.  Broken families, lost friends… so many questions… so much sadness.I have been feeling really down.  I try to not ‘go there”… I can’t… Life is for living.

My yoga butt is screaming, I don’t feel like running.  It is cold, wet and icy… my soul  and whole being just yearns for warm sand and sunny days, waves breaking… Cape mountains… fynbos… and home… I am missing my parents, my sisters, my best friend… home (Cape Town) is calling…

I have been keeping it low-key, work is really busy and I have to just get on with shit.

Moving house is stressful.

Today, not for the first time… yoga has saved me.

I had every intention of a  home practice this afternoon.  I cried all the way home in the car… A whole day spent trying to just keep it together… HOW was I going to do this?

Cuppa tea… Rolled out the mat… drew the curtains, lit the candle… put on my Chill Vibes… I freestyled for around half an hour, then did Esther’s Yoga for Runners… Omg, she still kills me… WTF is it with me… I CANNOT do this!!!  I cannot grab my foot! just can’t… today I used a strap…


Then around another 30 minutes just lying there, a few tears… but you know what… I am fine.  It’s EXACTLY what I needed!

Me Time…

Yoga does that for me!

Dave you would be proud of me. x

If you would like to contribute to the page stated by Aryans best friend for Samaritans, here it is.  Please lets try and get these kids to TALK.  Young lives such promise should not be taken.

9 thoughts on “a cuppa tea and yoga…”

  1. That is rough. I hate the fact that teenage suicide is at risk of becoming a normal part of life. For young people. Re yoga – yourfkexibiktt improves the more you do it – you will have your feet around your ears in no time!


    1. Yah, I TOTALLY agree with you J! It is so worrying. It is on my mind 24/7 at the moment. I will find a way to make a difference how ever little it is… no teenager should ever feel that they cannot go on. :(…
      Re Yoga… yah, i hate twists so i am going to have to put a little more effort into practicing those… hey, a few months ago i couldn’t BEND MY KNEE up in that pose! I used to be WTAF? BEND THE KNEE??? so now i can bend the knee, Esther says use the strap, so i did yesterday… a little more of that and soon i will do it! When i am 70 I will still be doing splits! Its my mission in life *lol*

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    1. )))hugs((( back Anniebabes x miss your blogs x Hope you are well!
      Yes, so unnecessary and so so so sad… still sad you know… I fear so for my child!


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