Vrikshasana (VRIK-shAHs-anna)

Tree Pose… 

the only thing I remember about last nights practice…

I did it… I held it… It was a good BALANCE night for me #happy

not every day is a good day…

forget them…

move on…

enjoy the good days…

look forward to better days and keep practicing!

Yoga is good for body and MIND!


What is Vrikshasana?

4 thoughts on “Vrikshasana (VRIK-shAHs-anna)”

  1. 😆😆😆Tree pose – yes, looks so easy in the pictures, I mean who can’t stand on one leg? Not quite so easy to do…….☺️ well done!


    1. Yass! You get it! 😘😘😘
      it’s the whole alignment thing… I see peeps with knees out front holding it for ages… thats not tree… well, I guess it’s almost… but it’s practising getting that raised leg with knee out, to the side, opening that hip as much as you can that is the thAng! And then balancing! XXX

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