I have been doing a #notetoself every Wednesday and I have been using the hashtag #writeitdownwednesday on Instagram.

I also stick them into my Yoga Journal.

Today I have written this… 


I have learnt SO much about myself in the last year, but I think the thing that sticks out most is this.

You HAVE to work with what you have…  Some days, it’s not possible to get everything done that you planned.  Shit happens… its called LIFE.

Instead of just throwing in the towel, take that 5 minutes in-between stuff to just breathe.

Take a walk if you don’t feel like a run.  Get out, you know it makes you feel better.

Drive slowly, take it down a notch… put the music off, give yourself time to reflect, remember, practice gratitude… what ever.

And that is what I try to do with my #write it down Wednesday… I try to think of just ONE thing I’d like to focus on, just for a week… and I truly work on that.

Try it… once you start, you will see what I mean…  keep me ‘posted’ *winks*… and tag it on IG so that we can follow.


Last night I went for a run/walk/run (post on ceejaykayfit.com )

It cleared my mind, I got fresh air, smiled at the flowering bulbs, noticed the buds on trees, the blue sky and when I got home I rolled out my mat, sat, closed my eyes and breathed… then a quick stretch.

I feel like I am finally ‘getting this’ 🙂

(PS… that magazine was an amazing read – I will write a post about it later)

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