Two weeks of weather chaos, work/life chaos and very little yoga I am afraid.

I have been doing the odd 10 minute practice here and there.  A down dog here, a down dog there, cat flows… A quick vinyasa flow of down dog, plank, up dog, forward bend… basically a salute to the sun… but no full on, music on, zone out practice.

One, we are MOVING…. the house is a frikken tip!  There are more boxes about than a railway warehouse!  I can find nothing and two… distractions…

Thursday I went to Dave’s class…  OMFGoodness!!!!  Talk about one of ‘those days’.  Every joint, muscle and part of my being hurt.  My whole body was just sore, heavy and all I wanted to do was lie down, be covered by a big soft blankie and have someone turn the lights off for a few days!

HOWEVER… as we got moving, I managed to be really present in poses and I left feeling amazing as usual.  I had the BEST sleep too!

Today I have joined I have been following Rachel for years now, listen to her podcasts every week and truly LOVE everything about her.

I recently wrote to her to thank her for helping me through ‘stuff’… Emma replied to my email with the most beautiful amazing message, and Emma if you ever read this, you are very special and THANK YOU X.

Emma suggested I look at oneOeight, I did and joined.

I am hoping that by joining oneOeight, I will now MAKE THE TIME… to schedule in time for practice and meditation and not try to fit it in like I normally do.


7 thoughts on “Practice…”

  1. You ARE amazing cee jay, you ARE organised and you get shit done! No stress! Be kind to yourself and appreciate how much you do! Good luck with the move- when is the big day? Have you booked a lorry for your running shoes?


    1. Thank you Jules… I don’t feel organised at all. Some days it feels totally fraught if I’m honest. But then yes, I have learnt the hard way and so now, I stop… breathe, say F***it! And chillax!

      😂🤣😂 yip shipping container being delivered as we speak 😉

      Nah no moving date yet… but should know in Monday. 🏡


      1. *lol*!!!!! Nooooooo just a saying…
        Mansfield/Nottingham area! Leaving my beloved Peak District… I know it’s not far, but nothing like having it on your doorstep!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. But leaving behind your irritating neighbours! Better to live in a peaceful street – there will be new places to explore and you won’t be far from the peaks!


    1. Omg yes you are going through it too… hope your move is not too stressful, sad or traumatic… it’s not cool! We still don’t have a move date… but packing anyhow x sending much love to you both xxx


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