Day 2 – BWY Foundation Course

Seven hours of yoga may have you thinking “IS SHE MAD????”

To be honest, I thought that too as I got up at 07h00 on Sunday morning…  but… it was THE best seven Sunday hours I have spent in a very long time!

First of all, we did a recap on Day 1 and then we discussed balancing our practice.

Then we went onto spinal awareness and how the spine moves in various ways.

We then paired up and did an assessment of each other in the different postures.  This is all part of being aware of where we are in our practice, remembering that EVERY single one of us different.

Quote:  Yoga is NOT all about flexibility and the ability to do difficult postures, but AWARENESS – awareness of the body and breath. (Anatomy of Hatha Yoga – H. David Coulter)

This is my assessment 🙂  Not a surprise to me at all… I have flexible/open hips, however, I do feel challenged in upper body strength and shoulder flexibly.


We discussed the musculoskeletal system…  LOVE the whole anatomy thing!  When I did the SAETA (South African Exercise Teachers Association) courses back, goodness knows when, this was the highlight for me!  LOVED it!

We then did a full balanced practice.  My ‘yoga butt’ problem is just terrible at the moment.  Really painful in forward bends, so took it really easy, keeping knees bent.

The BEST thing that came out of the day for me was…


In forward bends… It’s all about bending from the hips, elongating the spine and working to YOUR personal max.  Once you get rid of the egoshit and realise that EVERYONE is at a different point in their practice, you can relax, enjoy and GROW in your yoga journey.

I loved the day!

Just the most amazing informative day… I think anyone who is serious about yoga or starting yoga should REALLY do a course first instead of just joining the nearest class…  Knowing the fundamentals  is essential for getting the best out of your practice.  Having a GOOD trained teacher helps 🙂 ‘shop around’ till you find one you gel with!

The Sanskrit game was daunting but fun… HA!  I quite fancy learning Sanskrit now 🙂  Will do a post on that next I think 🙂

thank you Dave x

PS… LOVE this Beginner Into to Yoga…

4 thoughts on “Day 2 – BWY Foundation Course”

  1. What a fantastic experience!!! Will check out that link….I totally agree…. yoga is about ‘the true self’ and releasing the ego. It becomes so much more enjoyable one the focus is shifted ‘inside’ vs ‘competeting or comparing’ to others ♥️

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    1. YES! and its the same with running for me… I REFUSE to compare times, pace, distance, etc… Its all about what it does for MY SOUL!
      This course is the single best thing I have taken on I think… I am so much more AWARE of the ‘practice’ can’t WAIT for the next session!

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