It is getting easier…

Meetings… meetings… I feel exhausted today!

Between meeting chillax

And then there is this long dismal winter… and snow!

I LOVE snow… I do… it is magical and mystical for this Cape town girl but I have been caught out and got stuck in it enough times for it to now cause anxiety and stress at the sighting of one single snow flake.

I left work late and flurries had just started to fall.  By the time I got home (I think everyone was in panic because the roads were a nightmare) snow had started to settle and it was coming down quite a lot.  The sky was full of it.

Snap decision… I AM NOT driving in it… I need to home practice so that is that… no stress!  A quick email to Dave… sorted!

I would have gone to class and be continually looking out the window to see how bad it was getting etc, it just wasn’t worth the stress…  It’s not what it’s all about!

So out with the  MacBook and Esther Ekhart’s Yoga for running… et voila…

It wasn’t easy…  I think last time I spent more time watching her than this time now.  I kinda know the routine so was able to flow nicely.

This morning I have a sore butt cheek…

Not to self… BEND YER KNEES!

In all… I am starting to relax into self practice now… thank you Esther!

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