Home practice…

I am finding home practice SO HARD!  My mind will not quit.  

Have I taken the chicken out.

OMG the washing is still in the machine.

Did the kid make his bed.

Cats need fresh water.

Pot plant blew over… sh*t!

Who is that parking outside?

etc etc etc…

I did Esthers Yoga for Runners last night.  20 minutes… It was lovely actually doing something but its NOTHING like group practice for me yet.  It is better, for now, having a video playing on the TV, rather than freestyling…  but yeah… I cannot concentrate fully  or REALLY enjoy it yet and I don’t think i am getting the most out of it.

I am sure things will get better… it is early days!

Have weekend… will try again!

Namaste as they say! 😉

2 thoughts on “Home practice…”

  1. I can’t imagine doing yoga on my own at home! Maybe it is about self discipline? In a class you can’t quit! Did my 2nd class on weds- core based. Boy did I feel it on Friday!!! Keep it up cee jay, you know you can do it. It just takes time to adjust! Jxx

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