My First 20 minutes…

Life is busy…  As much as I try to MAKE time for self practice I am finding it really difficult.

I have ended up trying to fit it in!

Selling the house is stressful, I just wish someone would walk in, fall in love with it and hand over the cash!

Last night we had TWO viewings, so,  I cleared the lounge, vacuum cleaned etc, hubby and kid were not home yet,  I had SPACE for a change and so, IN MY SLIPPERS….slippers

I stood and breathed, spread my arms, reached for the sky, did some slow forward bending (with my legs bent protecting my right butt cheek) and flowed into a downward dog, plank, upward facing dog and then child.  I did that a few times, tried a little side angle, a warrior and then stopped.

I just stopped… I probably should have done some breathing and some quiet time… but I didn’t have time… so…

It was OK…  I practiced AT HOME… and alone!

I enjoyed the quiet.

I wore my slippers 🙂

I breathed.

I still need to embrace and ENJOY!


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