just a journal update :)

Yoga class with Dave last night.

RSB (right sitting bone) is still sore, but not in agony like last week… it doesn’t feel like it’s a bleeding wound anymore (ok, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration) 🙂

Gotta love Dave, he subtly, within the class instruction, let me know all the poses I needed to be little more aware in… and I left the class brimming with energy, enthusiasm and positivity that THIS weekend, I will practice… ON MY OWN!This is the drawing I tried to do on the train the other day… motion sickness is a b*tch! 🙂  OMG I felt ill!  I did want to fill the page… but nah, was not going to happen!


I am not going to HotPod Yoga anymore.  My subscription ran out, funds are tight buying a new house and so, sadly, I will not be renewing it for now.  I did love the challenge of VinyasaFlow (even though it almost killed me) and the girls are just lovely!

This is the step I need to start practicing at home!

Watch this space as they say!

Namaste and happy weekend xxx

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